Empowering and building confident youth

Twist and Shout School of the Performing Arts serves almost four hundred teenagers from Chicago and the surrounding area teaching integrated activities such as chess, ballroom dance, and physical activities. School is in a position to provide experiential, mind and body programming year-round. Every year, Twist and Shout grows its impact by serving youth and increasing the size and intensity of programming. Our students consistently report elevated confidence, communication skills, teamwork, and personal responsibility.

Lamar Lockett

Lamar is an Executive Director of Twist and Shout School of the Performing Arts and a dance instructor based in Rogers Park. Lamar was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. As a graduate of CPS and the University of Illinois, he needs to uplift the community that encouraged him. He has since returned to CPS and specializes in teaching ballroom dance, chess, Lego robotics, and spoken word poetry. As an administrator, a private school in his programming won the Illinois “Afterschool Program of The Year” award. When he’s not teaching dancing, you can find him in your local coffee shop, working on his next play or playing a “friendly” game of chess.

Ted Ramos

Coach Ted Ramos is a Triathlon Coach and Program Director at Well-Fit Performance Studio and Midtown Athletic Club. He specializes in running group training programs and building strong teams that work collectively to achieve individual goals. Coaching for over 15 years, Coach Ted has helped 100's of athletes of all ages to reach their goals in triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. Inspiring people to change their lives, he loves to work with anyone who has a passion for their sport and wants to put in the work to achieve their dreams... even dreams that may seem impossible. Coach Ted holds advanced coaching certifications from USA Triathlon and USA Cycling.

Ted is also certified CPA and serves as organization's Chief Financial Officer.

Margaret Rejnowska

Margaret got her education in Marketing Science abroad. When she moved to the US, she explored the visual arts field, specifically graphic design and portrait photography. She is passionate about self-improvement by learning new skills. She is a pretty good cook of keto and paleo dishes, plays board games, and travels other continents at least once a year.